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Deep Sea Commercial Company Diving Company, formerly called Deep Sea

.Company Survey, was established by a group of people. Been underwater since

1994 on behalf of persons. We have been accepting, all job concerning Later, Have

registered on behalf Deep Sea Survey Company,Ltd on 12 February 2007.Then it

change the name to Deep Sea Commercial Company Diving Company on 1 August

2012. Our company accepts any kinds of activity like taking still pics motion lining

cable etc, on using have skillful and experience diver who graduated free. The diving

institute of the Navy. We offer a lesson of doing and instrument underwater skillfully

Deepsea Commercial

The Past

1. Weld the A-node breaststroke boat from BLCP. Rayong district.

2. Weld the A-node runoff berth powerhouse Glow. Rayong district.

3. Survey and Repair Rapping under water berths powerhouse Glow. Rayong district.

4. Change the water and float downstream to IRPC. Rayong district.

5. Weld A-nod at GSP LNG PTT Mab Ta Phut.

6. Divide the steel vessel that sunk the Titanic's game is based on his page. Phangnga district.

7. Salvage vessel.

8. Search for the big C 5 and stills boat sinking accident.

9. Shooting video underwater and accept a job underwater to get there.

10. Steel sheet pile structure sewage treatment pond Khlong Saen Saeb canal, Khong Phadung Krungkasem canal.

11. Cutting Soft-eye underwater tunnel at Khlong Phai Sing canal of RAMA 4 Bangkok.

12. The pontoon bridge repair Audom Gulf. Chonburi district.

13. Cut the lime coated steel pole Audom Gulf. Chonburi district.

14. Weld frame bumper undersea. The multi-purpose port. Ranong district.

15. Cut steel columns under the water. Ranong.

16. survey the harbor for steel products. Chonburi.

17. Withdrawal rigs underground water tank PSP else.

18. Cut the hose to the exhaust pipe of the sewage of Bangkok's Din Daeng.19. searchthe mouthpiece and masonry drill underwater. Office of the City's water supply Luang, PathumThani.

20. quicksand mud sucking at Laemchabang ports LCB1.

21. cloth geo tecktire water break for Ports A-0.

22. buoys connected to a floating large in Phuket..

23. Cutting and destroy the mortar inside the pumping station's embassy in

24. Find steel mesh cover the waste water treatment.

25.Wrapping and repairing four gas LNG to PTT.

26. Check and repair corrosion compounds Epoxy.

27. Slip way to connect the underwater inKanchanaburi.

28. Preparation of the base Lift pit Condominium.

29.find for industrial machinery in all five of the (flood).

30. Connect the new Pier A-node CUEL (sub Expos team.

31. Cut the pole to pose underwater ship Navy OPV Laem Tien.

32. Get a link to the Jetty Thai oil.

33. Take a connecting structure Chao Phraya River (Purple Line)

34. dredging and pouring concrete under water. The treated water pumping station Korat

35. The repair and the installation of water pumps to Guide Rail Station. Water Quality Control Din Square and just drive.

36. Cut kingpole underwater water pumping station project in Korat.

37. Temple thick pillars underwater Maptaput Tank Terminal.

38. Cut the pole 700 mm underwater PTT

39. cutting reinforced concrete columns berth PTT Songkhla.

40. demolish the pier in sea

41.Wrapping Seamless concrete wharf Siam Commercial Finance's Fort.

42. suck sand from Lake Golf Course in Springfield.



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